Things I Thought in Recent 1 Week

I created this blog about 2 years ago, when I had a great strength of will to achieve a successful career. Speaking in English, to earn a lot of money, to have privilege of working with the best of the best. At the very beginning, I toke notes from my software development, daily studying and language practice, but as you see I have almost abandon this blog.

Currently, I am working as a software engineer for a small game company, response for game server of a new project which just copied Clash Royale, a real-time multiplayer game made by Super Cell. I am not pleased with my job right now. It was interesting at the beginning because I got a chance to learn new stuff and to meet guys who share the same interests with me. But that feeling faded out quickly when I found most of my work was something like a loop. It seems like that I am wasting my time to exchange a barely satisfactory salary. Lately I have been losing sleep, thinking about why I could allow myself to become a person who treat its life as a kind of torture, and just living this kind of life as no one was watch you. I do not want to go deep the reason seriously, because that?s meaningless. I just need to change myself.

And change, man changes everyday, every second of time. I always comfort my self with tomorrow or future. Telling my self that I will do better tomorrow, I will do it when I finish master. This did misguided me in realising that I live in today, not tomorrow or future. Nowadays, a friend of mine recommend me a blog of a designer, who works for Facebook and meanwhile works as a self-employed designer. I almost read all the articles she post on Medium. I was surprised that a designer could think and analysis things of design in such a rational way, while designing is commonly recognised as a subject which need more perceptual thinking. The change is that I have to make some difference so that I could realise that who I am today is not who I were yesterday. To some extent, my job takes up nearly all of my daily time, so changes must be taken place in my job.

There is about 12 weeks before I fly to Manchester to receive master education. As you see, I am not a native English speaker and writer, but this can not be used as the reason that I speak and write poor English, I still believe that practice makes perfect. I have already taste the sweet from listening to English podcast everyday, that is why I could understand most of content from audio, thank you Luke, host of Luke’s English Podcast. So speaking and writing skills could be improved through the same way.