Why Migrating to Github Pages

I started to host my first blog with Wordpress on DigitalOcean about two years ago. I did not chose blog spot or wordpress.com because I wanted to launch a website by myself and it is more geek-like for a programmer to own a self hosted blog. I spent a lot of my spare time on maintenance of the blog, purchase the domain, setup CDN and migrat to HTTP/2. My blog did became more and more fast and user-friendly, I also aquire the skills to setup and maintenance a website.


The reason that I decided to migrate from Wordpress to Github Pages is that I found I got little time to publish a new post. Everytime when I open the blog, the first thing appears in mind is to do maintenance work, like checking error logs or plugin updates. It seems like that I was lost in the trap I setup. Blog is a platform and a tool for me to share what I think and what I experience, however it takes me more time on itself rather that on content production. This lasted for a long time and I need to change.


  1. All pages are static, no databases, no dynamic generation.
  2. Git based, 99.999999% safe.
  3. Very easy to setup and mantenance.
  4. It’s free

Enable HTTPS for Github Pages