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  1. Why Migrating to Github Pages

    I started to host my first blog with Wordpress on DigitalOcean about two years ago. I did not chose blog spot or because I wanted to launch a website by myself and it is more geek-like for a programmer to own a self hosted blog. I spent a lot of my spare time on maintenance of the blog, purchase the domain, setup CDN and migrat to HTTP/2. My blog did became more and more fast and user-friendly, I also aquire the skills to setup and maintenance a website.


  2. Setup HTTP2 Support for Apache2

    After a 15-year wait since HTTP/1.1 the next major version of HTTP was finally published.


  3. Things I Thought in Recent 1 Week

    I created this blog about 2 years ago, when I had a great strength of will to achieve a successful career. Speaking in English, to earn a lot of money, to have privilege of working with the best of the best. At the very beginning, I toke notes from my software development, daily studying and language practice, but as you see I have almost abandon this blog.


  4. How to Make a Bootable OS X USB Install Drive

    Here I introduce a easy and efficient way to make a bootable OS X USB install drive.


  5. CSS Animation

    Quick note about CSS animation.


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